Caitlin Marshall and Lizzie Rose

Creative First Aid: Caitlin Marshall and Lizzie Rose

Caitlin Marshall and Lizzie Rose are the founders of MakeShift, an award-winning agency that provides trauma-informed creativity and mental health programs for communities, workplaces and groups throughout Australia. Since 2013 they have worked with thousands of people, including first responders; communities affected by bushfires and floods; corporate clients such as Atlassian, Kimberly-Clark and Ikea; and organisations including ABC TV, Sydney Opera House, Support Act, NSW Department of Juvenile Justice, Creative Australia and Black Dog Institute. Caitlin is also a qualified social worker and trainer in vicarious trauma management and gender-based violence who has had one foot in the creative arts since adolescence. Lizzie is a community development practitioner, sustainability educator and qualified yoga teacher.

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The Dip – Workshop: Creativity Is Good For You!