Matt Cosgrove & Eva Amores

Matt Cosgrove & Eva Amores

Eva Amores has worked for the Sydney Opera House and the ABC. She was born in The Philippines and moved to Australia in high school. She likes shoes, travelling and more shoes.

Matt Cosgrove is the best-selling author/illustrator of Macca the Alpaca with over a million books in print worldwide. He was born and raised in Western Sydney. He likes chocolate, avoiding social interactions and more chocolate.

Eva and Matt met when they were randomly placed together for a group assignment at University twenty-five years ago and they’ve been collaborating ever since. They’ve made dinner, cakes, a mess, the bed, mistakes, memories, poor fashion decisions and two actual humans, but Worst Week Ever is their first book series together. Created during lockdown after the pandemic turned their working lives upside down, the hilarious 7 part series about one kid having the worst week of his life has been the subject of fierce bidding wars amongst overseas publishers and is being rolled out across the globe in over 35 territories and languages (so far!)

Appearing in:

Family Fun Day — Macca and Mayhem