Ticket Terms and Conditions

Words on the Waves Writers Festival is an incorporated association registered in New South Wales which aims to promote literature and storytelling on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia (We or Us). The following terms apply to the sale, entry and attendance of any events We host.

Purchasing Tickets:

  1. Tickets are only valid if purchased from Us or a valid reseller;
  2. All ticket prices are listed in Australian dollars and may be subject to GST. You must pay any GST at the time of ordering;
  3. We are only required to issue you with a ticket to an event once a transaction is processed and We receive your payment. Transactions made via our website may incur a booking fee as set out on the purchase page. The booking fee is payable at the time of purchase.
  4. To the extent permitted by law, no refunds on tickets will be given.
  5. You are responsible for protecting your ticket, including that any email account or phone to which your ticket is sent has adequate security.
  6. You warrant that any payment to Us is a payment you have authority to make using your own credit card (or other payment method) or you have the express consent from the authorised holder in order to make a purchase pursuant to these terms.
  7. By purchasing a ticket or attending an event, you agree you are responsible for your own safety and property and – to the extent permitted by law – release Us and our officers, directors, employees, suppliers and agents from any liability for any loss, damage or injury you may suffer as a result of attending an event we host.

Attending Our Events

When attending our events:

  1. You must bring your ticket for entry on the day and, where We issue a wristband or similar, must wear that for the duration of the event;
  2. You understand that any allocated seating is indicative only and seating may be subject to change at our discretion;
  3. If you arrive late to our event, we reserve the right to delay your admission until there is a suitable break in the event;
  4. You understand that the speakers at an event may be subject to change, including on short notice. We will provide reasonable notice (where possible) if a speaker is unable to attend but reserve the right to proceed with a substitute or varied program without notice to you;
  5. You must turn your mobile phones and similar equipment to silent or turn it off during the event;
  6. You must not broadcast or record the events without our written consent, except for non-commercial social media purposes (e.g. blogging or tweeting).
  7. You must not undertake any commercial activity or distribute any written goods or materials without our express written consent;
  8. You understand that we take photos and videos during the events, which we reserve the right to use on our website or social media accounts.
  9. You must not use offensive language or act in a manner which we consider inappropriate or a threat to public safety;
  10. Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult when attending any event;
  11. We reserve the right to search all bags which are brought to our event sites, and may effect any other security measures we consider are reasonable necessary to protect our patrons and staff at any event sites;
  12. You must comply with the COVID-Safe obligations below,
  13. Some of our sites may require patrons to be fully vaccinated in order to enter the venue. Where possible, we will provide this information at the time of booking,

If you breach any of these rules, We may:

  1. Refuse you entry to any event venue;
  2. Eject or remove you from the event;
  3. Cancel or confiscate your ticket without refund;
  4. Prohibit you from attending any other event hosted by us; or
  5. Where appropriate, take legal action against you.

COVID-Safe Obligations

These COVID-19 terms form part of our ticketing terms and conditions.

You must not attend an in-person event if:

  • feeling unwell;
  • you are showing symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19);
  • you are awaiting a coronavirus (COVID-19) test result;
  • you have otherwise been directed to self-isolate or quarantine.

We encourage our patrons to take a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) before attending events if they reasonably suspect they may have been exposed to COVID-19.

You may be entitled to a refund or a credit in these circumstances. You must inform us a minimum of 48 hours prior to the start time of the event to which you purchased tickets and provide us with reasonable evidence. Please contact us, however we won’t be able to provide you a refund if you contact us after this cut-off or after the event.

Some of our sites may require patrons to have up to date vaccination against COVID-19. Where this is required, you must demonstrate your vaccination status through a vaccine certificate.

We may be required to cancel an event or reduce capacity in accordance with government guidelines. If required, we will do so in accordance with our COVID-19 Management Policy.